Pick Some Produce

There is nothing like the taste of fresh produce straight off the farm! The community of Palmer still maintains deep ties to its agricultural roots, and there are plenty of opportunities to find fresh Alaskan produce that you pick yourself.

Pyrah's Pioneer Peak U-Pick Farm

 There are up to 35 different kinds of produce to pick at this farm, depending on the weather. Prices are by the pound, and hours of operation vary by season. Exiting into Palmer off the Glenn, access the Old Glenn Highway. At Mile 11, turn onto Bodenburg Loop Road. Pyrah's Pioneer Peak U-Pick Farm sits at Mile 3. Hours of operation vary by season, so it's best to call ahead at 907-745-4511.

More information on picking your own Alaskan produce can be found at www.alaskagrown.org/aboutUs/faq.html.

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