Explore Backcountry

 If you are seeking the thrill of heading off the main paths and exploring some of Alaska's backcountry, there are excellent trails along the Glenn for ATV riders. From the more challenging backroads to those for beginners, load up your ATV and hit the highway for fun and adventures on the Glenn.


Eklutna Lake has 12 miles of easy trails that allow ATVs and snowmachines. Take the Eklutna exit at Mile 26 off the Glenn Highway and drive approximately 10 miles back to Eklutna Lake. This is a busy area with lots of foot traffic and bicyclists so exercise caution. There are also public use cabins available here, camping facilities, and fishing.


The Jim Creek area is well known to residents, and has a lot of trails with no restrictions. The city of Palmer is at Mile 41 of the Glenn. Follow the Old Glenn Highway from Palmer and take a left at the first four-way intersection with a light. Follow this road until the pavement ends, and there is a small trail on the left that opens up into a large parking area for unloading. There is fishing here and some camping, although it does tend to get loud on the weekends.


Driving past the Eureka Lodge on the Glenn, you will find a turnoff to the left at Mile 130.5 and a large gravel parking lot. Trails exit from the right end of the parking area, and are fairly easy unless there has been heavy rainfall. There are many different trails to access, with amazing scenery and wildlife viewing.

Mountain Biking

 Not interested in ATVs? There are plenty of mountain biking trails along the Glenn that let you explore the wilderness and enjoy the back country scenery. For a big challenge, check out Arctic Valley Road (exit is at Mile 6 of the Glenn). You can bike this dirt road all the way up to the ski area, where there is wildlife viewing and berry picking. Eklutna Lake also has great biking trails that are good for families or more experienced mountain bikers, and up at Sheep Mountain there is the Fireweed 400 race held every July. This event welcomes every level of cyclist and has several distances, from 50 to 400 miles.

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