Lunch at a Roadhouse

 Historic roadhouses were once the only thing that stood between a weary traveler and the howling, harsh winters of Alaska. They typically were simple, rugged outposts that offered a hot meal and refuge from the elements. There are still a few around today, offering true pioneer spirit and warm Alaskan hospitality. Take a break for a meal or coffee while touring the Glenn, and step into a bygone era.

Sheep Mountain Lodge

Sitting at Mile 113, Sheep Mountain Lodge is a rustic oasis in the wilderness. There are 10 guest cabins, a dining room and full service lounge, and an endless supply of activities. They have more than 12 miles of cleared trails, ranging from easy to challenging. The lodge is open daily all summer until September 18. For more information go to

Eureka Roadhouse

 You can get a hot meal at Mile 128 of the Glenn at the historic Eureka Roadhouse, which is near the end of the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway. Nearby Eureka Summit has an elevation of 3,322 feet and is the highest point on the Glenn. From here you can see Gunsight Mountain. This is a popular snowmachining spot in winter, and has some great hiking trails in summer. More information on the lodge can be found at

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