A Land that is Glacier-Made

  Welcome to the official website of the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway, a 135-mile stretch of road that takes travelers north of Anchorage and along historic pathways and natural wonders of Alaska.

Imagine having the chance to discover a place created in the wake of a slowly receding wall of ice and snow. Well, this Byway tells the true story of Alaska and provides a picture of Alaska's past, present and future. From the urban vibe of Anchorage to the majestic Talkeetna Mountains and everything in between, this ever-changing panorama of wild beauty is an outstanding drive for both visitors and residents.

Running parallel to the paths carved by the Matanuska Glacier, the Glenn Highway makes it possible to trace the glaciers that formed this area, and provides some of the most accessible glacier-viewing in the state, as well as amazing geological formations.

Follow the history of the Alaska Native peoples and tribes, explore the bygone eras of the gold rush and mining industries, and visit with true pioneers that helped shape this land. You will enjoy rushing rivers, crystalline lakes, hiking trails for all skill levels, and immense mountain views at every turn, with plenty of modern amenities and places to stop along the way.

A journey down the Glenn Highway takes you into all that makes Alaska unique and unforgettable. We invite you to drive the Glenn and experience all the adventure it has to offer along the way.

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