Gunsight Mountain to Eureka Summit

1. Paleontologic Interpretive Wayside (Mile 120.5)
Learn about some of Alaska's dynamic geological history. The mountains present a brightly colored palette that tells of a powerful and explosive beginning.

2. Eureka Roadhouse (Mile 128)
You can get a hot meal at Mile 128 of the Glenn at the historic Eureka Roadhouse, which is near the end of the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway.

3. The Eureka Summit (Mile 129.5)
The Eureka Summit has an elevation of 3,322 feet and is the highest point on the Glenn Highway.

Just before the first views of Gunsight Mountain can be seen along the Glenn, Mile 119 is home to Knob Lake, a popular spot for migratory bird watching in the spring. The Alaska Audubon Society hosts a "Tailgate Raptor Party" at this site each year. The Byway then descends into the Copper River Basin, with Gunsight Mountain in the distance at Mile 121.

The scenery begins to change a bit along this section of the Byway. Gaunt scarecrows of Black Spruce Trees rise out of low lying vegetation and wetlands, apropos of most of Interior Alaska. The Chugach Mountains still maintain their claim to the area, visible in the distance and always a backdrop to the surrounding scenic views. Eureka Lodge and the historic Eureka Roadhouse are at Mile 128, offering food and fuel.

The Nelchina Glacier will become visible in the distance as you head towards Eureka Summit. Running 22 miles long and draining into Tazlina Lake, this is yet another creator of the surrounding geology and natural history. The glacier remains clear in areas as the Glenn heads towards Eureka Summit.

 Eureka Summit is 3,322 feet high and is the highest point on the Glenn Highway. You can sometimes see four mountain ranges from this viewpoint; the Chugach Range, the Talkeetnas, the Wrangell Mountains, and the Alaska Range. These ultimate views of the mountain ranges make for the grand finale of the Byway, a fitting end to an amazing journey. As the Byway traverses Eureka Summit and makes its way down to the Little Nelchina River, this is the end of the National Scenic Byway designation.

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