Palmer to Sutton

1. Colony House Museum
An original "Colony Farm House" built back in 1935 for the New Deal Resettlement project. Descendents of the original settlers serve as tour guides.

Rural landscapes and a tight-knit farming community are at the heart of the city of Palmer. The town itself maintains an old-time feel and pioneer spirit.

2. Matanuska & Knik Rivers Overlook (Mile 49.9)
This breathtaking vista of Knik Glacier and the Matanuska River is a great location for memorable vacation photos.

A picturesque stopping point along the Glenn and has a population of about 300 people.

3. Alpine Historical Park (Mile 61.0)
Here you can get the history of the Sutton Coal Washing Plant and the early mining days of the Valley.

4, King Mountain Lodge
The King Mountain Lodge is one of the historic roadhouses along the Glenn and has been open since the early days of the highway contruction.

5, King Mt. State Recreational Site (Mile 76.0)
The King Mountain Recreational Area sits in the shadow of the majestic King Mountain, on the banks of the Matanuska River.

Proceeding towards the Matanuska Valley and the city of Palmer, the Byway traverses through the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge. This area consists of more than 28,000 acres of wetlands and is home to many migratory birds and other wildlife. Knik Glacier sits hidden to the east, providing constant changes to the terrain as it slowly carves out its path. Both the Knik and Matanuska Rivers run through this area, adding to the beauty of the landscape as they wind through the wetlands.

Palmer is a small community with a heavy agricultural background Sitting at Mile 42, the city center features the Colony House Museum for highlights on Palmer's history. Restaurants and shopping are also available here. Farming is still a big part of life in this rural area and farmlands visible from the highway.

Heading into a more natural landscape, the Byway winds down to two lanes as it departs Palmer. The Chugach and Talkeetna Mountains create stunning scenery and the Matanuska River coils along parallel to the Glenn. Mile 49.9 provides a scenic overlook of both the Matanuska and Knik Rivers that travelers may enjoy.

 The surrounding countryside becomes dense through this part of the Byway, with tall birch trees and abundant foliage alongside the road. Dropping into Moose Creek, the road becomes somewhat curvy, with great views of the valley nearby.

Sutton starts at Mile 61 ( This community was originally founded as a station for the Alaska Railroad. You can feel the pioneer spirit of Alaska in the rustic buildings and small-town atmosphere and enjoy the amazing geology visible along the Matanuska River. Mile 66 takes you over King River Bridge. (The King River ultimately flows into the Matanuska.) As the elevation drops a bit in this area, you will also get excellent views of nearby King Mountain.

This section of the Byway highlights rural Alaskan life and history. Continuing along the Glenn takes you even deeper into the beauty of Alaska and "glacier country."

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